About Evrod Cottoy - The performer

I am a singer/entertainer. my passion is music. I truly believe that music is the language of the soul, the language of healing and sound of the human experience. Through music we can express joy, pain, love, happiness, unite and bring people together. ‘One good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain’. my MO is to bring smiles to peoples faces and leave them with a fun filled, memorable experience.

We were a collective steelpan band from the Island of St. Vincent that would go on to win the talent show of it’s day, ‘Opportunity Knocks’. Winning the show brought us some fame and exposed us to many great opportunities and outings as a great talent. We enjoyed residency at the Dorchester Hotel, playing sweet sounds of Calypso and soft reggae music as a quartet of the Elements a band in which I co founded with a group of guys from London, which consisted of great people like Cuttie Williams, Ajay King, Zebee Cush and Patrick Augustus who would later go on to author (‘Baby Father’). We performed with various artists such as, Louisa Marks, Janet Kay, Alton Ellis and frequently at the Notting Hill Carnival festival. I have met some amazing people and I am blessed to have been a part of some awesome experiences in my life. Genises has always been one of my favourite bands of the 80’s. Actually, it was the drummer Phil Collins that first ignited the desire to perhaps one day sing and take centre stage.

Now in my later years I have the opportunity to live that dream and perform on my own, albeit not to reach the heights of a Phil Collins (one can only imagine) but to travel the circuit and to do what I love is a dream all within itself. From what I can remember, my first real taste of performing was in Tenerife’s Pleasure Island on the Los Cristianos strip and up on the hills of Torviscas where I would perform regularly for the locals, which was a lot of fun. From there I have since gone on to sing at a variety of venues locally through out and around Buckinghamshire,

I am open to travel. So with that said, if you like… why not get in touch to discuss things further. I am available for all types of gigs, venues and functions whether it’s a dinner event, work do, stag/hen party or even anniversaries don’t be shy, drop us text.

Put a smile on everyone's face

A smooth operator! with a set to make you dance

To Book call: 07810 391678  or  Email: evrodcottoy@live.co.uk